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Compliance for Financial Services and Emerging Technologies

About me

At CIRMCA, I specialize in providing cutting-edge compliance solutions for businesses operating in the dynamic intersection of finance and emerging technologies. Led by Marina Devid, a seasoned practitioner, my services encompass strategic guidance, risk assessments, and the development of tailored solutions. As your dedicated compliance partner, I navigate the intricate regulatory landscape, ensuring your business not only meets but exceeds industry standards.

With a commitment to excellence and a client-centric approach, CIRMCA empowers tech ventures to thrive responsibly in the evolving landscape of finance and technology. Choose customized, agile, and forward-thinking compliance solutions that adapt to the latest innovations.


Compliance Impact Assessment

   “Gain proactive insights into potential regulatory challenges and fortify your business strategy with the Compliance Impact Assessment service.”

Implementation and Remediation Projects
Implementation and/or Remediation Projects

   “Transform seamlessly with expert-guided Implementation and/or Remediation Projects, ensuring your business aligns with the best compliance practices.”

Advise or Consultancy

“Navigate regulatory complexities confidently with tailored Advice service, providing informed insights for strategic decision-making in a dynamic business environment.”

Compliance & Emerging Technologies

AI Act

“Ensure seamless adherence to the AI Act with our comprehensive compliance services. CIRMCA provides expert guidance and tailored solutions to navigate regulatory complexities, safeguarding your AI innovations and fostering a trustworthy, responsible AI ecosystem for your business.”

Markets in Crypto Assets Regulation

“Navigate the evolving landscape of Crypto Assets Regulation effortlessly with our specialized compliance services. From risk assessments to regulatory documentation, we offer a comprehensive suite of solutions to ensure your business complies seamlessly, enabling you to thrive in the dynamic world of crypto markets.”

Digital Operational Resilience Act

“Empower your business with unwavering resilience in the digital era through our specialized services aligned with the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA). Our comprehensive solutions ensure your operations remain robust and secure in the face of digital challenges, offering a steadfast foundation for sustainable growth and continuity. Partner with us to navigate the complexities of DORA seamlessly, safeguarding your digital infrastructure and ensuring operational excellence.”

And much more…

Various compliance themes

In today’s complex regulatory landscape, navigating the intricacies of compliance requirements can be daunting. I specialize in offering comprehensive compliance services tailored to a variety of themes, including Dutch financial law (Wft), AML, FT & Sanctions (Wwft & Sw), Privacy & Data Protection (GDPR) and more. I am dedicated to helping your organization stay ahead of regulatory changes and mitigate risks effectively.

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